Friday, November 6, 2009


Man I've been busy! My free time used to consist of writing my blog entries, but now that I'm working two jobs and playing baseball, I come home and don't want to think. I mean, it does take some thinking and planning to write these entries. I have a few rough drafts saved on my computer, but I can't get the editing done. I could just throw every thing I write up here, but you guys would not be impressed.
When I'm working, I think so much. I think about life, and how I became who I am. I realize that my personality is always changing. I mean, if I find a new food that I like, now I literally think different, and am a changed individual. It sounds a little silly, but it's true for all levels of your personality. The younger you are, the more your personality is affected by the things happening around you. What I think is cool, is totally a result of what older cooler people did when I was young. I would say much of who I am today, was developed just before, and at the beginning years of high school. As a freshman athlete, I saw how certain older athletes acted, dressed, spoke, interacted with teachers and peers, dated girls, partied, walked the halls, drove, and everything else you can think of. Inside I thought, "this is how I should be" and basically tried to mirror them. Anyone who I respected, I would analyze and imitate in some way!
I would say that a huge part of my personality development came from The beaverton high school football program. The older guys showed me the ropes, what to do, and what not to do. Yes I did fluctuate from this quite a bit, but what it meant to be a football player was ingrained into our heads without us even realizing it. I would learn from someone like Andrew Laybourn, Mike Gorman, or Ryan Wilson. Each of them would learn from older guys like Jesse Levin, Taylor Barton, and Aaron Fausett. And then these guys would learn from people like Jordan Johnson. By the time I was a junior or a senior, younger guys would act exactly like me. Without even realizing what I was doing, I was setting examples for kids younger than me. We would all learn from the older guys; even what foods like or dislike, which classes to take, or who to hang out with. I mean, as a freshman or even an 8th grader, I would be with another friend my age, and be so excited to be hanging out with the big boys. I remember being at a party with Kris Tyacke, (another guy my age) We were hanging out with the older guys; we the biggest smiles on our face! There's no wonder why we emmulated them. However, as similar as we all are, there are obviously differences. For example, BHS is more of a Raleigh Hills school district. I was a Murray Hill guy. They liked Round Table Pizza, I was prone to Godfather's, I went to Highland Middle school, they mostly went to Whitford.
The most stereotypical Beaverton Football graduate is a smart and athletic; he is witty and funny, but serious and professional when he needs to be. He can talk with anybody on any level, he definitely gets the girls, he is tough as nails, and has probably been in more than one fight. He gets great grades, all throughout high school and college, Loves North Carolina, but hates Duke! (I think this stems from Mike Dunleavy, a Jesuit Crusader rival basketballer, who went on and played at Duke) He will eat anything in front of him, but knows that Round Table Pizza is the best.
So that was a bit wordy, and definitely not true for everyone, in fact this is most likely not true for anyone, but most of us carry most of these traits. I hold this fellowship so close to heart. It will always be a very tight nit group of people. Because of our peers, we all became experienced and well rounded individuals.
I look back now, and realize that so much of my personality was developed by others. I also realize that people are always watching you, whether you know it or not! It's important to understand how you affect others, and make sure that who you are is what you want to represent to others. No matter who you are, people will see.


  1. Well, you know that your little bro Robert is watching you!

  2. Love this post! That is so true about younger kids looking up to older kids! I see that in the high school kids that I coach and since I teach in a K-12 school, even my little second graders absolutely love and look up to the high school kids! Forgot to tell you... a couple weeks ago your KC teammate, Ryan Fox, came to South Dakota for pheasant hunting. His hunting buddies presented him with a blow up doll of Applicious and then I came out of hiding after they gave him the business! We partied together that whole weekend & reminiced about when we all met at my roller derby bout! I told him you were playing ball in Aussie! He said to tell you HI and GOOD LUCK! I'll have to show you the pics sometime soon on facebook!