Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hey everyone,
This will be a real short one. Just want to keep you all in the loop more than I have been. I worked last night at the club until 3 am. I was practically falling asleep by the time i was driving home! One dude tried lighting up a smoke in the club, i was like,"bro, you can't smoke in here!" He was so drunk, he just looked at me, and walked away. He ended up going to the bathroom and finishing his cigarrette in there. I don't understand why smoking in the bathroom is better than just walking outside.
Anyway he and his mate got kicked out of the club eventually, then tried hopping over the fence to get back in. My Duty manager was Quite upset!
So I missed working in the Hotel this morning. Toni told Nolan to tell Sleeping beauty to get some rest tonight to be ready for tomorrow.
Now, Im headed to the pool, practice tonight, hitting the sac early! Talk to you guys soon.

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  1. Rest well and play hard at the next game. Love you son. Dad