Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just a Facebook message

This was just a message I wrote on my good friend Kris' Facebook Wall. When I read it, I realized that many of you would like to know some of the little things that I would tell a baseball understanding friend. Guys, I wish I was writing more blogs for you, but time just flies. It seems like all the days are blending together; my season ends in about 8 weeks.......... And so does my Work Visa. It's crazy, but I am enjoying my life, currently watching the female championship of the Australian Open! It's ALL tied up, 1 set each!

"hey broseph! sorry the phone has been down. You can try and reach me any time but not sure exactly how to dial my number from the states. my number is 0458-137-965 and the country code is 61. but for some reason, the 61 takes place of the zero at the beginin so u may want the the operator to do it. ima get a calling card in the next couple days, so ill try and give you a call. I was tryinn to call you and dial D-Rel so got to talk to him a bit! Dropped a bomb last sunday which makes three on the yr. my swing is feelin good at the moment, as long as stay stacked and use my hands to right center. picking it well at short, i was pitching, but my arm got sore so I shut it down! Alright man, give what ups to all for me! talk to you soon!

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