Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Vacation!

Hey Friends,
I just got back from a baseball game, and feel like talking to someone from home but it's much later there than here. I figured I'd just post something so that in a way I can speak to all of you! I definitely miss home, and everyone there. However, I am still greatly enjoying my experiences here. Last week I flew to the Gold Coast, which is located right on the east coast of Australia, about 15 hours north of Canberra. It was so amazing! We spent so much time on the beach; the sand was so white, the water was so warm, and the waves were huge! It was a total blast. We went to Surfers Paradise for the day, and ended up paying for a party bus to 5 different clubs. We met some pretty cool people, and had a blast. Once we left Surfers Paradise, we headed to Byron Bay! This place may be the best town in all of OZ! We stayed at a backpackers hostel, where we were served free dinner nightly (meaning, our rooms were probably $10 more expensive), and walked the beach meeting tons of people from so many different countries. Man, everyone speaks english. It's almost embarrassing that I don't speak any other languages. Surprisingly, Nolan and I were the only two Americans that we met the entire week! It seemed that there were more people from Germany and France than anywhere else. I met two German dudes named Vladimir and Julian. We went out both nights together. They love their white cask wine. It's pretty funny how they would drink it at the beach every night watching the sun set.
The days went by very quickly. Yesterday morning we drove home 14 hours in a rental car. We played today, got our butts kicked, and Nolan and I are off to Melbourne tomorrow morning. We'll be there for just two days, watching the Australian open tennis. I'm pretty excited, but all this traveling is hurting the immune system a bit. I guess it's worth it though.
I think when I travel away from Canberra, I get more home sick. I have such a good support group here, it makes life very easy to live. When I travel to new places, I seem to miss home more than normal.
I just want to let all of you know, that I think of you daily. I love traveling, but some days I would trade it all to be sitting at dinner with the family, then going to kick it with all the friends! I know you guys will always be there for me, so I'm making myself stick with it, for maybe even longer than planned.
My appreciation for "home" has grown so much. I think when I get to America I'm going to get on my hands and knees and rub dirt all over my face like Christopher Columbus. Everyone reading this is very special to me. You have helped develop what the word "Home" means to me. It's not just a location, but cultural differences, and people that understand you. I definitely get along with most people here, and you all probably think I'm pouting just a bit, but people have so many different mindsets around the world. It's good, it exposes me to other ways of life, and allows me to pick what I like from a broader perspective. It's great for my personal development.
Anyway, off to Melbourne at 6 am tomorrow morning.
Love you guys.


  1. I love this, Eric. It speaks of growth and internal conflict...contrasting the known and loved for the unknown and strange. You are a stronger and more compassionate person because of these experiences. I miss you so much, I think of you everyday, and especially when I get in "Hope On". I love you, son. Love, Mom

  2. Yes!! I finally figured out how to post a comment!

  3. We miss you too, and you always have a "home" here.